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I have never seen the face of my father.

I was born 1991.

Don’t fear the electronics.

I hate love.

I love hate.

I feel a connexion with Baphomet.

He is here right now.

Listening to your every step.

He doesn’t sleep.

He is not like us.

He is the demiurge.

He is all powerful.

All aboard the triangle.

Karpman’s drama triangle.

Show me your stance.

Let me ripost.

Your mind is the key to global extermination.

Global extermination.



01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101.

Was I always disabled ?

How did I hide it so well ?

You are fear mongering.

Get out my head.

How mighty is the symmetry.

The clock shows me things.

I feel them touching me.

I hear your messages.

Through the gematria,

The sacred numbers talk.

They talk about the chaos seed.

You see, the universe takes action only through order and chaos.

You can manipulate those.

Using geometry.

Assemble the symbols of faith.

And contemplate the face of a demon.

With a sword into its forehead.

Its edges form a holy triangle too.

Like a gem of some sort.

Your prefrontal cortex.

You ability to make decisions.

It is what powers the whole mechanism.

Feed your head with information.

Feed your head with information.

Catégorie : Poèmes - 10 novembre 2019 à  20:59


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