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Earth Mother Of Life 

Elat-Asherah is theprimary wifeof ‘El, and as such, the “Creatress of Creatures,” and “Creatress of the gods,” the great mother goddess. Later. especially in biblical notices, she is the consort of Ba’l.“’

‘El as the figure of the divine father. ‘El cannot be described as a sky god like Anu, a storm god like Enlil or Zeus, a chthonic god like Nergal, or a grain god like Dagon. The one image of ‘El that seems to tie all of his myths together is that of the patriarch with his consort together with

Sky and Earth
‘M, “mother.“‘She is, in short, a mother goddess and a virgin bride because a women is born as a daughter first and a mother goddess..

As Ashtoreth  Queen of Heaven is participant in the hieros gamos
Sacred Prostitution

In the mythic texts of Ugarit the great cosmogonic battles are waged by Ba’l and ‘Anat with ‘El like an aging David remaining at home seducing goddesses.

Baal (El) His battles, however, fit not so much in the context of cosmogonic myth, as in myths of theogony, the story of the old gods, the natural pairs like Heaven and Earth, which stand behind the pan- theon. In the sophisticated, or rather typologically more developed, cosmogonic myths, the theogony of the old divine pairs often function as an introduction, giving the complex myth placement in “time.”

In 1967 the writer proposed to read the Proto-Sinaitic Text 347 tnt [tannittu] “Tannit.” This would be easily the oldest occurrence of the epithet. The text itself is on a sphinx found in the Hathor temple: a second text on a sphinx reads as reconstructed by Albright: 1b[‘1t].“* “to the Lady [of Byblus].” These appear to be parallel epithets. In the past tnt has been taken to be an infinitive of Canaanite ytn/ntn: tintu. This is highly unlikely, since nun is generally assimilated in these texts.“’
The epithet tannittu would mean literally, “the One of the serpent,” or, possibly, “the Dragon Lady.” The most straight-forward derivation of Punic Tennit (Greek BENNEIB, 0IN(N)I8) is from Canaanite *Tannitlzo < *tannittu < *tannintu.

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