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Un autre poème mais en anglais cette fois 

What should I ever feel ?
Go ahead and self-destroy
Why are you never ill ?
Low, my head, and leave me alone
I am trying to feel that feel but I fell
I am drinking to fell so ill, but I feel
I wish it could stop, I wish I could be you
I'll switch, you're mine, I'll switch, I would've been you
I swear, I am not scared
But it wears off, so sacred the effect,
Better feel like a reject,
Ain't I right ?
Reject, reject, reject the lie
Better reject my life and say "it ain't mine"
"It is just another lie", "Just in another life"
I wish, I could, escape,
I would have wished if I could
She wished, the cold, the late
She would have switched it off,
To kill, killed the beast, who is she ?
Drill, Drilled the past, Thrilled, "but I can't see"
You would have wish you won't
You could have seek, you don't
You won't find anyway
You won't live anyday
Until the end, bring your friend and be prepared
Feel the end, sing your end and leave the land,
To fly, fly away, drink away, drift away
To kiss, kiss away, leave the way, feel your way
God is gay, don't be late
Wish it away, won't it faint ?
Not anytime soon,
It won't rime soon,
I won't be born again,
Lifelong dream, feels the same
Lifelong scream, fuels the pain
Hollow dream, feed my brain
How long ? Seems ill again
Sorrow, sorry, so low, so long
So wrong, no bong, no weed, no heal
Cold chills, cold cheese, not me, no heal
Grilled feel, Thrilled leaf, Kill it
Can it ? No sea, no see, never saw
Cut it ? A newer saw, so low, new law
Pour it ? Another drink, no more "think", break the brick
Brick the "it", forget it, because you'll never think
You'll never live, but you never did ?
Will you ever leave, but is it ?
I won't be happy, not without my drink, so friendly
I won't see the sea, all without my "think", relieving
Why won't it be, Why wouldn't it be ? What I see...

Catégorie : Poèmes - 13 octobre 2018 à  20:16


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