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And I guess that I just don't know 

Again the gust
it bothers my bones
sharp, sharp
sharp blast
rapes the nerves

take me back
half death
a walking corpse

stayed honey's smell
haunted nostrils
hot vein

let me un-be mortal
let me be, let me be dead

nothings more in my head
sleeping thoughts

the hips of my wrist are slowly swinging
wicked dance
I fell weak and I like it


again words flied to early
but hey, they' re just words
mines have no meaning no weight

since I'm half dead

let me go deep inside
of me

a warm black sun

intangible reality
feeling hell's waves
wrapping me in their heavy layer
a sweet fire

I'm welcome there

How boring is my body when I'm not dirty
How strict seems the boundary between my skins and the air


anyway there's places in people's heart
only when we've fully passed away

it's easy to cry after

it's easier to love when we're gone

Catégorie : Poèmes - 25 août 2020 à  01:49


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