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Dear people 

Dear person,

I am on your side. I think most people are on your side. But right now , people are scared . SCared of this disease biling people, espescialy the elders. Scared of how the violence are going in United States of America!

I am not saying BLM (BLack live matters) are bad . People with power have a tendency to abuse it and they (the leaders) often forget that their bosses are the people. Since the floyd tragedy, i have never seen so much black people walking in the streets. it feels like a weight flew away from their shoulders . BUt they have families, brothers, sisters, mothers , fathers, grand parents , that are risk with covid-19 to suffer. it is not a good moment, but we are all gonna make it and i understand you all need to express your anger . But being angry doesn`t mean to destroy everythings around you people. 

this is also another reason why peopleare scared and it is the main reason for the discretion (or neutrality) wit the BML movement . Quebecers, from whereever we come from, are mostly pacifist. We are seeing what happend  to a country raise with a warrior idology and the impulsion it can cause America imploding slowly, in my opinion. We will have to learn in a differente world , but not by forcing people to be on your side. By debates, philosophy and learning from the past. WHatever happens, I love you Quebecer and I WISH you a good ST-jean batiste!! bravo

-From a patriot like you 

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Catégorie : Expérimental - 14 juin 2020 à  12:16

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