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The french war on designer drugs 

With 2 new research chemicals or designer drugs synthesized every day by chemists around the world, how stupid is it to continue to render some of these drugs illegal (often the most popular and safest ones).

Let's see how clever the french have been so far, the popular phenylethylamines discovered by Alexander Shulgin in 1974, that's right, I'm talking about the 2c-x family, the most popular 2c-b (4-bromo-2,5-diméthoxyphényléthylamine)  an analogue of the popular drug mescaline, found in the San Pedro cactus, was scheduled by 2001, approximately a decade later 2c-i is scheduled in france, but 2c-c,e,p, ip and d stayed unscheduled until a year ago or so.

The french are a little late on drug policy, but followed the other drug war mongering countries, since the 2c-x's were banned, chemists modified the 2c-x molecules and discovered the nBOMEs, 25i-nBOME, 25-c-nBOME etc. Legal analogues, unfortunately there was and is very little information and human use of these new legal alternatives to the 2c-x's which are relatively safe with no reported deaths... DISASTER! Young people around the world start dying after having taken doses of 25i-nBOMe that weren't above "normal" recommended dosage.

I myself suffered seizures after taking 20mg sniffed, a very high and irresponsible dose of 25c-nBOMe.

Soooo, what does the clever clever government do. They ban the nBOMEe's to make space for the nBOH or NBF's analogue s of the latter, even less information on these and provably a handful of related deaths, these last two families are legal to buy and posses in France, however the possession of the safer 2c-b, I, e, etc. Carry a threatening fine and potential criminal record.

Bon les amis is time to snort ten's, twenties, forties and eighties lol... until next rant

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